Do I have a claim?

The simplest way for us to advise whether or not you have a claim is for you to ask us in person.

Personal Injury claims come under many different categories: Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident, Medical Negligence, Public Liability and more. Each case is different, and sometimes it isn’t always obvious whether or not you have a claim.

If you are injured at work during the course of your employment, then you may have a WorkCover or Return To Work SA claim. If the injury was caused by a negligent third party, you may have a ‘common law’ claim for damages. Whether or not you have a claim, and if so, what type of claim you have, is something we can generally determine.

Fees & Charges

As each case is different, it is impossible to advise exactly what your case will cost.

Individual matters may be affected by how hard the insurer can fight the claim, the extent of the evidence needed to support your position and whether it is necessary to go to court and run your matter to trial. If you instruct us to act for you we will provide you with a detailed costs agreement which sets out the amount that we charge. 

We charge by the hour and have a set fee for letters, documents, photocopying and so on. In addition, we may need to obtain further evidence such as medical reports and the like which incur further ‘out of pocket’ expenses. We will keep you advised of your current expenses throughout your claim, and ensure that these costs do not outweigh any potential benefit to you.

How long is the process?

Each case is different, and as a result it is difficult to predict how long a matter will take to finalise.

Some matters will resolve in a matter of months, while others may take years. This all depends on how long it takes for your injuries to stabilise, what evidence needs to be acquired to support your version of events, and how hard the other side can fight the case. 

It is important to remember that we cannot finalise your claim until your injuries have stabilised and we know what sort of treatment you are likely to have in the future. We also want to make sure that we get all the evidence we need to put forward your strongest case, in order to obtain the best result for you.

Can I get a "No Win, No Fee" case?

We offer "No win - No fee" legal services in appropriate circumstances and will advise you as to the best costs agreement option in your particular case..